Ode to the Yella

This was drafted on the flight back from the BVI, after 4 weeks of learning to sail and bareboat charter a catamaran. We lived aboard a Lagoon 450 for 3 weeks, which is long enough that housekeeping becomes a part of the experience. It was also a matter of pride to deliver a relatively clean boat back to the charter company. I have taken care not to specifically name the product, because I am not paid to endorse it.


Get a big one skipper said

And so a gallon of golden

Came aboard


Cuts the salt skipper said

Lathered up toe to head

Showering on the sunset deck


Desalinated dishes and clothing

Sea-rinsed, yellow wash`d

Kept lemony clean`d


An evening sprinkle on the decks

Fresh rain showers in the night

Leave the boat sparkling bright


A dash to the head

Made foamy delight

Pumping away the smelly blight


Libations poured into the holding tank

Bounced across the Strait

Returned her to cleanly state


Easy peasy skipper said

Barbecue grease, diesel, bird poo

Even the dinghy got her due


Be sure when you shop

No boat should leave dock

Without her golden stock


Fish friendly was the claim

But we aren’t sure that the turtles

And fishes felt the same.

underwater sea turtle turtle sea life
Photo by Dominique Feldwick-Davis on Pexels.com

Nicolette, February 2018